Nikon N90 Or F100

Mon Aug 28, 2000 5:07 am

Which camera is better for photography, the Nikon N90 of Nikon F100?¿? Please list reasons for each. Any replys will be helpful. Thanks!
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RE: Nikon N90 Or F100

Mon Aug 28, 2000 11:20 am

They are both great cameras, I have owned both. Remember, a camera is just a lightbox, having a more expensive camera won't necessarily make the photo quality better.

A quality lens however, will make the quality better. I would much rather have an inexpensive camera body and a good lens, than an expensive camera body and a cheap lens.

If you can afford the F100, great! But make sure you can also invest a good Nikkor lens to go with the F100, otherwise the purchase would just be a waste.

Good luck and happy shooting!

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