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Canon EOS 3000

Sat Sep 09, 2000 2:21 pm

Hi there,
As some of you may have seen my "Thinking of taking up photography" post I am now considering getting the Canon EOS 3000. All I'm wondering is this a good beginners cam and is it good for aviation photography ?
Also are they available second hand ?

Thanks a lot

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I Have One

Sat Sep 09, 2000 8:56 pm

Hi Aer Lingus,
I have a new Canon EOS 3000. I bought it for £300 this included the body, a 35-70mm lens, and a 70-200mm lense (all new). You can buy the same package second hand for around £75 - £100 less.

Now, is it a good camera for aviation photography?
YES! It definatly is. It does everything for you all you do is zoom in and out and it has auto - focus. It is really easy to use as well as fun.

It is a very good beguinners camera as it has a function where it is fully automatic it does it all for you, and other functions especially for, fast moving objects, landscapes, people etc and one where you do everything yourself.

All in all I think an excellent camers and worth the money.

Good luck and please let me know if you do decide to buy an EOS 3000.


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