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6 Days Without Upload...

Fri Sep 22, 2000 3:09 am

THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT. I uploaded about 40 images on friday / saturday / sunday and I have recieved no confurmation e-mail yet. Normaly I get one within that amount of time, most of my photos probably wont be accepted anyway but I just thought it was a long time.

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RE: 6 Days Without Upload...

Fri Sep 22, 2000 4:36 am

Dear LGW,

Hang tight, there's just a backlog, nothing to worry about. We've uploaded a lot of pix this week. As of this writing, the upload stats page says 1089 photos are awaiting processing. That's up from 443 waiting, when I uploaded some on Monday. You (and I) will probably hear in a few more days.

Jim K.
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