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Sat Sep 30, 2000 10:32 am

Hi mates, I have a couple of shots... it may not look nice as I'm new to aviation photography even though I am into aviation for 5 years. I don't have a scanner though. All my friends scans the picture for me but unable to have it in jpeg or jpg mode. It is in paint mode. Is there any ways to solve this??? Or are there companies which scan photos for you???

I need your help badly...

Thanks a lot,

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RE: Scanning

Sun Oct 01, 2000 6:58 pm

Hi Alvin,

I think a good photo editing program must be able to transform a paint-mode pic in a jpg. But I never heard the mode "paint". Ask your friends to transform the pics in tif or gif mode. Photoshop and Paintshop can read tif, gif and jpg modes, so it is no problem to transduce the pics from one to an other.
Anyway, it is better to edit the pic in tif instead of jpg. The transformation in jpg is the last of all steps.
Hope, this helps,
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RE: Scanning

Mon Oct 02, 2000 6:30 am

Note that you do not want to save a photographic image in GIF mode. It stores only 256 colors thus the quality will severly decline. TIFF, BMP or similar formats are good (although large), with saving as a JPG the final step, as Rol mentioned.

Because BMP and TIF images are quite large (this is why they are not standard Internet image formats), a floppy disk may be insufficient to transport images from one computer to another. You may need to use an online storage service or a Zip or similar higher capacity disk to transport the images.

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