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Shutter And F-stop

Thu Oct 12, 2000 10:51 am

Hello fellas,
I'm just wondering what in general you all use on your shutter speeds during approach shots and during the slower types of shots like taxing. On the approach shots i have a 70-160mm lense..i have been doing 1/500 or better to play it safe since i'm just starting out but im starting to find that the pic isnt come out as clear as id like..is it because the f-stop is at like 5.6? should i stop down to f8 and use a shutter of 1/250..is that fast enough for the approach shots using about 80mm of the lense? Also what about the pics of the planes taxing and on t/o roll etc? what shutter should i use for that and what f-stop to get the whole plane in focuss? 1/125 f11 cut it for a plane slowing down just after touching down? Thanks a mill for the tips! my examples are at http://airliners.net/search/photo.search?emailsearch=sdobbins@mgfairfax.rr.com

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RE: Shutter And F-stop

Thu Oct 12, 2000 11:20 am

I'm using a 70-300mm zoom with Kodakrome 64 film. I shot everything at 1/250th sec shutter speed (shutter prority). My slides seem to turn out fine, even at max zoom. Normally, the apature is set some where between 5.6 and 11. If the low-exposure light starts blinking on me, I usually quit for the day because most of the time that means I don't have favorable light.

Depending on the film you are using, 1/500th is probably too fast in my humble opinion.

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