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Selling Photos... Price?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 12:33 am

It's the first time ever I sell photos. One guy asked me to, so I'm curious... How much should I charge for each photo? Is there an established price or is it according to the use of the photos? Please help me on this issue! Thank you very much!!

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RE: Selling Photos... Price?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 1:56 am

Generally if it is somebody that just wants it for their collection, I charge $2.00 a slide and $4.00 for a print.
Of course, if the slide is rare or unusual then the price goes up some.

Companies that want to use my images in brochures, covers, web sites, etc... I still generally let them have the photo for the above prices. Alaska Airlines recently used one of my photos of an AS 737-700 for some of their internal documents which I let them use without charge (they just downloaded the file from here). Generally, if you want money for something like that they'll just ask someone else. I'm not the only person with a slide of an AS 737-700.

For magazines, generally if your photo is used you should get around $10.00. Centerfolds and covers should yield between $50.00 and $100.00 depending on the subject matter.

As far as books are concerned, generally authors do not pay for photos unless it is on the cover or is a rare, hard to find shot. The photo credit you get is usually payment enough. (Think about it, if an author wants to include a photo of a NW DC-10 in their DC-10 book they are writing they have 1000's of images at their disposal....the fact yours was selected is a major compliment.)

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RE: Selling Photos... Price?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 4:45 am

I have a good collection of pics - mostly military stuff. Tried to post on this site but the images were invariably rejected. The Picture itself is good. Could it be the scanned image? What do Airliners.net look for?
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RE: Selling Photos... Price?

Mon Oct 16, 2000 9:07 am

So, what do you think of the picture??? Is it rare or special or you have taken extra effort to shoot it??? Rank the price yourself... if you think that is a good work made out of yourself... raise the price!!! If not, you decide... hope this helps...

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RE: Brick

Mon Oct 16, 2000 12:02 pm


I would like to thank you as well as LeoDF because I've been after the same answers. Thanks for the info  


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