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HP 5370Cse/5370Cxi - What Is The Difference?

Sun Jan 14, 2001 9:42 am

I heard that they have different software. Is that true? Are there any other differences? What software does each come with? Which has better software? Which is better overall? If you've used it, how good is it? How good is its film negative/slide adapter? Have you gotten photos accepted on with that scanner? Where is the best place I can get it from?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: HP 5370Cse/5370Cxi - What Is The Difference?

Mon Jan 15, 2001 4:48 pm

I have the HP-5370C which is smaller than my old scanjet and that's nice. I have goten some scanns from it, but it doesn't always work--that is, the computer does not recognize that the scanner is there, on and plugged into the computer. When I launch the HP software, I get "SCANNER NOT FOUND." So have to seek help from HP on this.
I have used the adapter for scanning 35mm chromes and they seem to be ok for email and quick prints. I usually take my chromes (transparency film) to a service bureau to be scanned on a drum scaner at considerable cost, tho. They are then output to what's known as a "digital waterproof" which has unbelieveable color fidelity and clarity. Of course it's not cheap and does involve a high-quality scan. But to me, it's worth it.
Anyway, back to your concerns; My scanner came with both Win & Mac software and a USB cable. There is no on-off switch--it is turned on when launching software. It scanns something like 8.7 x 11" size original art. The slide scanning adapter is a square light-box which lies ontop of chromes on glass. I have not scanned negs with it and don't plan to. I got my machine from Comp USA. And that is about all I know--hope this helps you.


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