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Question About Scanning

Mon Feb 05, 2001 4:26 pm

The first thing I do when I put the print in the scanner, is hit "preview". It gives me a picture and tells the size, which is usually less than 640x480 at default. Then, I go under "print path" to "screen" and change the properties - the dpi, from 75 (default) to 300. This bumps up the pixel size to way more than 1024x768. So, I go under "scaling" and scale the scan size back to just above 1024x768, which is around 75% - 80% usually.

Then, in photoshop, I crop it slightly to obtain uniform size 1024x768.

Anyway, by specifying such a large size like that and then doing the final scan at a size scaled back (75%) is that causing my pictures to lose quality? Should I be scanning at 100% always?

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