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UV- Or Skylightfilter?

Sat Feb 24, 2001 6:15 pm

I am just wondering about these filters.
Which of the two should I pick if I want the sky in my photos as blue as possible.

I already have a polarizing filter so you don't have to tell me to buy that.


RE: UV- Or Skylightfilter?

Sun Feb 25, 2001 3:55 am

Neither skylight or UV will make the sky any more "blue".
If you want the sky in your photos as blue as possible,
stick to the polarizer.

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RE: UV- Or Skylightfilter?

Sun Feb 25, 2001 4:04 am

Yes, if you want deep blue sky, stick with the polarizer. UV filters are basically a clear piece of glass, which won't help you in this case. Skylight filters will reduce blue casting and make a picture warmer.

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RE: UV- Or Skylightfilter?

Sun Feb 25, 2001 4:13 am

UV filters help protect your expensive lens too... at least thats why i have one.


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