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Lenses For Nikon F-80

Wed Feb 28, 2001 6:17 am


I want to switch from a Canon EOS50E to a Nikon F-80 and now I am searching for lenses. One should be from 24 or 28mm to about 100mm (between 80 and 105) and one from minimum 70mm to a maximum of 300mm. They don't need to have f/2.8 but they should be of high quality so I'll get really good results. Does anybody knows a good combination of lenses which is also not too expensive ? May be one who owns a Nikon body?

Thanks in advance

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RE: Lenses For Nikon F-80

Wed Feb 28, 2001 6:46 am

Without going for the f/2.8's I hear the following Nikkor/Nikon lenses are excellent quality:

Nikkor 28-105/f3.5-4.5D (approx. $300US)
Nikkor 70-300/f4-5.6D ED (approx. $300US)

I've shot with the 70-300 listed above and the results were excellent but find the 80-200/f2.8 to be much better.


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