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Batch Uploading

Thu Mar 01, 2001 3:32 am

Is Johan working on any method to allow the creation of upload batches off-line?

Right now, I fill in all the different data I want to put in an Excel file, and when I think I'm ready, open the upload page and do copy/paste for all the fields for 30, 40 pictures or so.

On occasion, I'll screw up, and forget to do one or two fields (especially at 2 a.m.), or copy the wrong cell, or whatever, and I sometimes miss it in the confirmation page.

If we could have a way to work out our entire batch of pics off-line, that would allow us to take our time and do it right, Proofreading what is basically the final, compiled product before we upload, and taking the time to make coherant and complete comments where needed. It would also reduce the time spent online, which is an issue in most countries where we have to pay for each minute, including local calls.

A lot of photo sites have a feature like this, like Ofoto and Yahoo Photos.

What do you think? Can we hope for this?


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