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Personal Data

Sat Mar 17, 2001 9:08 pm

Following on from my recent post on copyright, i have now uploaded 7 pics of g-arwe, with acknowledgements both to photographer and holder of originals.
One question, after the systems advised me all ok and i would receive emails in about a week, i accessed the data part and found i had no records shown. Was i too quick in checking, or am i doing something wrong?
Anyway heres keeping digits crossed that they will appear in the accident section.
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RE: Personal Data

Sat Mar 17, 2001 9:32 pm

I am not sure if I understand you correctly but I think you ment that you can't get any info from photostats page??
if you do not have any pics in database already it won't work. it says so on the page
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RE: Personal Data

Sun Mar 18, 2001 5:16 am

Hi Silverfox

If you go to the upload page and click on the photo statistics link, you will probably find that they are still on the queue to be uploaded.

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