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Getting Close

Mon Mar 19, 2001 2:38 pm

I have a weak 3x zoom on my digicam, which means I have to get REALLY close to the action. My max focal length (equiv) is 84mm. Any ideas on how to get good angles, and how to get close to the runways? All airports seem to have a pretty obstructive fence all the way around, and Detroit is so flat. All my shots tend to have only blue for the background (sky), with maybe a tree branch in there somewhere. I'l love to camp out right on the runway to get close, but you know how that goes... I go to Detroit Metro airport, so if you have any specific advice for that airport, I'd appreciate it, or any other advice. I'm a beginner, and any tips you could give about getting sharp focus would be great. I have a Kodak DC4800.


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