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Wed Mar 21, 2001 2:20 am

I was just searching around on other sites like Justplanes.com and always notice they have some kind of competition going on for pic taking. I was just wondering if any of you all think airliners.net should start doing somethin like that? And if so what? just some thoughts goin through my head as i sat in boring Government class this morning.

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RE: Competition

Wed Mar 21, 2001 3:26 am

I'm sure many like the polls on the front page.
To run a real competition would probably be lots of extra work for Johan (and will there be prizes to win?), even though it would be exciting.
So an idea could be that Johan pulls out some of the top view photos and have a poll on them.

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RE: Competition

Wed Mar 21, 2001 12:55 pm

I like it the way it is....who needs a photo contest??!! I like getting e-mails asking about equipment type and people saying nice photo....
Corresponding with people around the world thru that and thru the photog forum here is enough for me..
Mark G
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RE: Competition

Wed Mar 21, 2001 1:10 pm

I agree with Mark on this. Like Mark, its enough for me just to get feedback on my work, and the occasional sale.

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RE: Competition

Wed Mar 21, 2001 5:22 pm

Hi all

I agree with Mark.

I also do not like photo contests, the ones on Justplanes being an example. The problem with the Justplanes ones is that you can see the current 'voting statistics' and this could sway people to different shots.

Johan was one of the judges but I am not sure if he still does it.

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Aviation Photography Isn't A Ompetition

Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:28 pm

I don't like the idea of a competition on a.net. Aviation photography is for me a hobby, although I want to take the best pictures that can be done at a specific airport.
How do you think this could be managed ? There are just too many pictures here from too many photographers that you can't manage a competition.

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