Avipics, Do You Know?

Sat Mar 24, 2001 8:38 am

Hey everyone,
A friend of mine is having a bit of an identity crisis!
Well actually thats a big lie  Smile

Anywhos, He is however looking for an image, a name for his photograhy, and for his website htat he is desiging.
He came up with Avipics, not bad I thought, but sounded a little familiar.
i asked a few other people, and they seemed to have heard it before too.
We don't know where though!

Does anyone know if this exists or is a real photographer?
[Possibily not an internet person, and possibly from paris/ France]

Many Thaks for any and all replys that might help us out!
I know youve seen it after a caption in a mag!!! But can you remember where?!

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