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Teleconverters For Nikon AF

Mon Apr 02, 2001 3:27 am

I am looking to buy the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters for my nikon AF lenses. I came across the following at B&H :
TC-14E - 1.4x
TC-20E - 2.0x

Has anyone used these and how do they perform? How would you rate them - will you recommend them as accessories for my 80-200/f2.8 and 300/f2.8 lenses?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Teleconverters For Nikon AF

Mon Apr 02, 2001 6:38 am

I own the TC-14E and it's beautifull. I had a Kenko first, but this one is far better. But be aware that it only works with AF-I/S lenses. It doesn't support autofocus with the normal AF lenses. I think you should be able to attach it to the normal AF lenses, but for manual focus only.

It's great on the 300mm f/2.8. I even use it on a 500mm f/4 and it works flawlessly. Autofocus is as fast as using the lens without the TC. I haven't yet used it with my 80-200mm though.

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RE: Teleconverters For Nikon AF

Mon Apr 02, 2001 7:05 am

Marco, so you are saying that the TC-14E only works with 'select' AF Nikkors? Which ones?
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RE: Teleconverters For Nikon AF

Mon Apr 02, 2001 11:21 am

The Nikon TC-14E and the TC-20E will only fit and work with those AF Nikkors with internal focusing motors, namely the AF-I and AF-S series of lens. That include:
AF-I 300 f/2.8
AF-I 400 f/2.8
AF-I 500 f/4
AF-I 600 f/4
AF-S 300 f/2.8
AF-S 300 f/4
AF-S 400 f/2.8
AF-S 500 f/4
AF-S 600 f/4
AF-S 80-200 f/2.8
AF-S 28-70 f/2.8
AF-S 17-35 f/2.8

Note that even though the two teleconverters will fit on the 28-70 and the 17-35, Nikon does not recommend that at all, since it is possible for the rear elements of those two lens to hit the front element of the converter at the short end of their zoom range.

Also, no other Nikon lens can even be mounted on those two converters. The front mounts of those TC's have an extra little metal tab, ensuring that only AF-I and AF-S lenses (which have matching lens mounts) will fit.

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RE: Teleconverters For Nikon AF

Sun Apr 08, 2001 6:34 am

Yes, you are right N949WP. I was in doubt first, but now I remember exactly why I bought the Kenko first. I had an old AF 300mm f/2.8 and wanted to buy the TC-14E but it didn't fit. I then tried on a AF-S 80-200mm which fitted perfectly. Inspection of the mount indeed revealed a small difference which ensures the TC-14E can only be fitted to AF-I and AF-S lenses.

I then decided to go for the Kenko as I wanted a teleconverter for my 300mm. But I recently completed my upgrade to all AF-S lenses and finalized that by buying a TC-14E. It's far more better than the Kenko. But hey, it costs almost four times more  Wink/being sarcastic


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