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Nedd More Advice On Kodak Or Fuji

Fri Apr 13, 2001 6:39 am

We had an interesting discussion about Kodachrome and Fuji Provia slide films.

I wonder, what you think about Kodak Gold, Kodak Royal Gold, Fuji Superia and Fuji Reala.

Some weeks ago I tried for the very first time a Fuji film and I falled in love  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

What would you suggest?

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RE: Nedd More Advice On Kodak Or Fuji

Mon Apr 23, 2001 10:18 pm

I've been using Fuji for over a decade now, and I'm not looking back. Colour balance is very good, though some call it a bit cool.
Extremely fine grain, say half that of Kodak or Agfa. I have made the 400 (Superia currently) my stock film, the grain is comparable to the 200 Kodak Gold. Kodak Royal Gold were advised against by my dealer (who is also a professional photographer and an aviation lover).

For low-light situations, try the Fujicolor Pro Press 800, about the same grain as a normal 400, which is excellent for a fast film. Makes indoor use without flash possible with reasonable speeds and f-numbers.
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