Sun Apr 15, 2001 12:32 pm

Hello all.
As you all might have read from my first post a month ago, I am new to photography, and I am totally new to slide film. You all told me to get it, and I did. The stuff is AWSOME. Anyway, I have some really good shots from a few days of shooting at MCO. What I was wondering is how I scan off the slide? Do I need to go somewhere to get it put on disk, do i need a certain type of scanner. What do I need to do to get my slide pictures on the net.
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RE: Scanning

Sun Apr 15, 2001 12:59 pm

Hi Dave,

You have a couple of options here. You can either get your lab to scan your selected slides onto CD.

Or you could invest in a slide/film scanner and do it yourself.

Good luck and happy shooting!

Jason Milligan
Melbourne Australia

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