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Video Frame Grabs

Mon Apr 16, 2001 3:09 am

I have footage of aircraft taken using a Hitachi VM-E228E 8mm video camera.

I realised recently that some of the aircraft on video I don't have on slides and I would like to capture some of the frames as stills and save them on CD.

I have a CD writer, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro etc, so manipulating captured frames would not be a problem.

What I can't seem to get hold of is information on how good these frame grabbers are. Two of those I have seen specs and manufacturers' claims for are the Pinnacle Studio Pro and Pinnacle Studio DC10+.

They claim excellent single frame capture but I don't know anyone who has one. Computer stores, whilst very willing to sell the cards, haven't any demos available and no-one will offer a card on approval.

Can anyone advise if these cards are any good? They also double as TV cards and video editing cards so I'm suspicious tht they may be trying to be all things to all men.
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RE: Video Frame Grabs

Mon Apr 16, 2001 3:20 am

Don't get your hopes up. I started playing with still capture several years ago and you will be very dissappointed. Regardless of the hardware and software I kept wasting money on, I doubt you will ever capture anything of the quality that will look like a 'real' photograph. Maybe on your TV, but not on the PC.

Video cameras have their limitations, unless you go into high-end digital. Even then you will probably not see an image that will approach full-screen resolution. There are pro caprure boards available, but I have seen them for over a $1000. That was too much to spend for an 'experiment', so I abandoned the project.

Good luck!
joe pries
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RE: Video Frame Grabs

Mon Apr 16, 2001 5:08 am

Fast Glass is right- you are going to need at the very least (in my opinion) a 3 chip digital video recorder to be able to capture video on .jpg format that is of acceptable quality.
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RE: Video Frame Grabs

Mon Apr 16, 2001 5:52 am

Be careful with Studio DC10 plus!!! Got one at work and it was trash, froze up my computer and is now useless!!! Pinnacle also has horrible customer service!!

My 2 cents
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RE: Video Frame Grabs

Mon Apr 16, 2001 6:22 pm

Thanks guys,

Just confirmed what I suspected

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