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Canon D660U Slide Scanner

Mon Apr 16, 2001 6:49 am

A few months back I bought the Canon D660U scanner. It is a flat bed scanner, but can also scan slides and negatives. However, when I try to scan either slides or negatives, it comes out blurry and not very clear at all. Does anyone else have this scanner? And if so, are you able to scan slides with decent quality results?


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RE: Canon D660U Slide Scanner

Mon Apr 16, 2001 7:04 am

The D660U does in fact have great specs (on paper) according to the Canon website. However, flatbed scanners cannot approach the resolution required for decent slide/neg scans, regardless of what their press releases claim. The only combo scanner right now that can respectably scan both prints and slides is the HP S20.

Dedicated film scanners are superior, but then you lose the ability to scan both film and prints. The best alternative is to have BOTH, but that can get pricey.
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RE: Canon D660U Slide Scanner

Mon Apr 16, 2001 7:53 am

FastGlass is right. I have an AGFA SnapScan e50. Its a 1200 x 2400DPI 42bit CCD flatbed scanner which is quite high for a flatbed, but it just doesn't do negatives well.

While slides turn out pretty good with it, a dedicated film scanner is best.

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RE: Canon D660U Slide Scanner

Mon Apr 16, 2001 9:00 am

The Canon D660U is NOT a slide scanner. The only flatbed that can give scans worth a d*mn is the SnapScan e50. The Canon D660U's adapter produces inferior results.(Look at Kevin Cook's Metrojet shot - bad quality.)

Still, depending on your tastes, 1200DPI may not be enough. If you need the resolution, get a dedicated film scanner.

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RE: Canon D660U Slide Scanner

Mon Apr 16, 2001 4:12 pm

How expensive are film and slide scanners? And what are the better quality ones ? Thanks in advance and best regards !

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