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Going To Kbfi Again Tomorrow. Anyone Want To Spot?

Tue May 22, 2001 7:48 am

Hey guys, Aaron here.

Well tomorrow is my usual tuesday for travel. I work for a company called AirNet Systems, that flys Learjet 25, and 35 Freighters. We also have props in the fleet as well.

Well i am flying up on the Lear 35 tomorrow to KBFI, so that will be my tuesday of spotting. I can't wait to go tomorrow. I will be at the Galvin FBO where our aircraft parks. I went to www.kirotv.com, the main tv station for Seattle, and it is to be 80 degrees and sunny there tomorrow, which is awesome!

Well now knowing that it will be 80 degrees, the flight in the lear from KAPA-KBFI via KHNL and KPDX for cargo stops will be great!

If anyone is in the seattle area and would like to go spotting tomorrow, let me know by tonight! My flight leaves at 6am and gets there at 930am, so if anyone wants to spot after 10am thats fine with me.

I hope to take shots of the new ATA 737-800 with winglets now knowing its sitting outside on the line with the rest of the 737s. Hopefully it does a test-flight.

So i guess i will talk to you all later, and hope someone is available.

Aaron Mandolesi

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RE: Going To Kbfi Again Tomorrow. Anyone Want To Spot?

Tue May 22, 2001 9:55 pm

You lucky...!
As a former Seattle resident, I am jealous...

I used to live on the hill upabove BFI when I was a kid in the 1960's.....it's now the I-5 freeway.....

Your attached photo, is the jet landing from the north? If so, check your runway headings...  Big grin

If you're ever in SJC area for a day, let me know, there are a few photog's around here and buddies that work at ACM Aviation and K-Mart Airlines at SJC.

SJC Alien
Tom Vance
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I'm checking yours right now..

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