Fuji Or Kodak Mailer?

Mon Jun 18, 2001 7:51 am


I was about to order a few rolls of Provia 100F from when I saw that I could get it with either a Fuji or Kodak mailer. Since I have lost confidence in my local E-6 guy , and plan to use a mailer , should I go with Fuji ( since it is Fuji film ) or Kodak ? I have never used a mailer for E-6 , only K-14 ( obviously ).

Turn around time is not a big factor in my decision , only the quality of processing. What's your experience ?


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RE: Fuji Or Kodak Mailer?

Mon Jun 18, 2001 11:42 am

I have only sent three rolls to Fuji for my E-6 processing. They did a nice job overall! One of the rolls had a very faint line across some of the shots, but I have seen this many times from even the most expensive processors. My last roll was sent back to me, here in Chicago within a week.

I would also recommend the Slideprinter of Denver. They charge $7.00 for 36 exp normal E-6 processing. They have been very reliable, and even make nice prints from slides. Same processing time as Fuji.

My advice would be to send a roll or two to Fuji to try them out.

Hope this helps!


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RE: Fuji Or Kodak Mailer?

Tue Jun 19, 2001 2:03 am

Is there K25 or K64 users in here?
What do you think of these films and how much do you pay for it?

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RE: Fuji Or Kodak Mailer?

Tue Jun 19, 2001 3:01 am

Last Feb I bought 20 rolls of Fuji Provia film for the first time along with 20 Fuji mailers and I've had mixed results with the processing. I have used 15 of the mailers and have gotten several slides back with scratches on them. I decided a few scratches were that bad but then in the last batch I had one roll that was badly scratched from slide #1 thru #36. Because of this I decided to go ahead and pay a little extra and sent them to my local E-6 processer. I just don't want to wonder whether they will come back scratched or not.

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RE: Fuji Or Kodak Mailer?

Tue Jun 19, 2001 9:17 am

Just like I thought... the grass isn't really greener on the other side... the truth comes out eventually.

I use only KR-64... and it goes to Fairlawn, NJ for processing... takes 8 days for the turnaround to Vancouver, BC. Luckily I haven't been plagued with the "scratch" lately, but I guess it happens to everybody, not just us KR users.


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