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Film And The Refrigerator

Tue Jun 26, 2001 7:17 am

Whenever I buy film, it's usually not on the day I will be shooting it. I like to buy film and keep it around for when I need it. Although I never end up keeping it for more than one month before shooting it I have recently begun putting my film in the refrigerator. I have read that cold temperatures will extend the life of the film and also keep it in better condition. But what I am curious about is I have also read that in a traditional refrigerator the air is very humid, so what I am wondering is if the refrigerator is doing more harm than good to my film since I know film is sensitive to humidity as well as heat. Also I have been putting the film in the refrigerator as soon as I have been purchasing it, I know this is not nescessary and am wondering how long could I leave the film out at room temperature before it is in danger of degrading? Thanks for your help.
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RE: Film And The Refrigerator

Tue Jun 26, 2001 7:49 am

As long as you keep the film in its original packaging and don't open it until it's ready to be used there will be no adverse moisture effect on the film. Obviously let the film stand at room temperature before using it to allow for any condensation to evaporate. Trick is never to open film casings that are intended to be stored in the fridge. I keep my film in a plastic freezer bag stored in the crisper.

There are no adverse effects on film if it stays in room temperature after you take it out of the fridge either. As long as you use it within a few days.

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RE: Film And The Refrigerator

Tue Jun 26, 2001 8:21 am

Most consumer films don't require or benefit from refridgeration. Just don't store it in your car in the summer time and you'll be fine. The only thing I have in my fridge is some color I/R film that I use at work that does benefit from refridgeration.

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