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Tue Jul 03, 2001 2:19 am

Can anybody help me with a rather annoying problem ?
I have about 100 or more slides of aircraft aircraft at Manchester (Ringway) from the late 70s early 80s and they are all lovely clear pictures, apart from some idiots fingerprints in the middle of nearly all of them  Pissed
I'm going to post them on but need to clean them up slightly, the Question is - is this possible, and what do I use  Confused
Hope somebody can help me because a lot of the photo's are of aircraft not yet on this fantastic site.
Cheers Quinny
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RE: Cleaning Slides

Tue Jul 03, 2001 3:57 am


Try the product PEC-12 from


RE: Cleaning Slides

Tue Jul 03, 2001 4:02 am

Cheers Michael, you could be a life saver.Q
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RE: Cleaning Slides

Tue Jul 03, 2001 8:02 pm


I have had some success using a product called ASPEC emulsion cleaner, and a lint free micropore cloth (from good opticians or camera shops).

You might find that it's easier to remove the slide from the mount while cleaning, otherwise dust and stuff can gather in the corners. Can't wait to see the pics.

Here's a link to the shop where I got mine (scroll down for the Aspec picture)

Rich  Smile

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