Just Wondering Why........

Wed Jul 04, 2001 3:16 am

I uploaded some pics last week or maybe the week before and have had no E-mail to say yes or no, as to their use, and today there are pics on their from 2nd July 2001 ??????????????????????????????? I take it this site doesn't run in any kind of orderly fashion
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RE: Just Wondering Why........

Wed Jul 04, 2001 3:29 am

Hi Kwinny,

please read all the other topics down in this forum written about this subject more than one-thousand times now.

Johan has a special travel-list if he is not at home and on this list there are just a few wellknown and very "professionell" photographers with hundreds of pics already sent in. And only these few can be processed then. All the others have to wait until Johan is back at home. Look at the photo-stats site. There are more than 5.000 pics waiting to be processed. Not only you...
I have sent in my pics about three weeks ago and I am - same as a lot of others - still waiting.


**sorry for my english**

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