Request For New FTP Upload Facility

Fri Jul 06, 2001 11:28 pm

Hi everyone,

Ok...what I would really like...and what would really help me to upload shots more efficiently is a facility that would allow me to 'pre-upload' shots to the server by FTP in batch mode. I could then, at a later time, use the regular upload pages but, rather than browsing for the shot on my local machine, be able to specify shots previously uploaded to an FTP holding area (ideally one such area per photographer) allowing me to enter the details for each shot without waiting for each shot to upload.

For photographers with slower connections this would be really how about it Johan?

Keep up the good work.
Dean Barnes

RE: Request For New FTP Upload Facility

Sun Jul 08, 2001 2:16 am

Hi everyone...sorry for pushing this to the top again but I can't believe no-one else could benefit from this facility...

Does anyone have anything to add?


RE: Request For New FTP Upload Facility

Sun Jul 08, 2001 2:29 am

Good idea Dean.

Presuming that the FTP settings are simple to tune.
Behind firewalls: it can be awkward.
If it's a system that works anywhere, go for it.


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RE: Request For New FTP Upload Facility

Sun Jul 08, 2001 2:35 am

Heh, is a photo site but they have a browser plugin where you can drag all the files you want to upload into the browser window then submit them all at once.

I also think this would be a helpful addition to the site.

Any sort of batch-uploading kind of thing.
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RE: Request For New FTP Upload Facility

Sun Jul 08, 2001 8:46 am

We would need to be careful with a system like this. We could have users preparing massive uploads then hitting the "go" button, leaving the scripts to upload continuously. This would lead to.......

a) Massive numbers of possibly meaningless(?) photos for the admins to sort through and

b) Huge bandwidth problems preventing us from using the site.

I'm sure that it would benefit some of the real dedicated uploaders, but it would also encourage the casual user to upload masses.

Remember that while you are filling out the upload page info in between each uploaded file, the bandwidth to is available to others to use.

Night Hawk
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RE: Request For New FTP Upload Facility

Sun Jul 08, 2001 4:10 pm

I agree with Craigy. As nice an idea as it is, some restrictions would need to be in place if it were to be implemented, mainly the number of images that can be uploaded at any one time, say 10 maximum, If im not wrong, most images that ppl upload to here are in the vicinity of 150-200k in size each so you'd be uploading around 1.5-2 Mb of images in one go, on a 33.6 modem like Im on (unfortunately) this will take 10-15 mins to upload. No one person should be allowed to have more than 10 images in this ftp server at one time or they are limited to x number of images per day to control the bandwith.

Its a nice idea but at the moment it isnt a priority, the upload que is more important at the moment, leave Johan to work that one out first then move onto something else, maybe this idea.



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