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Can I Re-freeze Provia.

Thu Jul 12, 2001 5:57 pm

I had 3 rolls of Provia 100F in my refrigerator. I took them out yesterday morning because I had something planned for today but I don't think I will use them after all. I will most probably use them within the next couple of days. Is it better to leave the film in room temperature or re-freeze it until the day before using them?
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RE: Can I Re-freeze Provia.

Thu Jul 12, 2001 7:37 pm

If you are surely going to be using them in the next couple of weeks, you can keep them outside. At room temperature, Provia has a shelf life of a month or so, starting from the time you took it out of the fridge.

As long as the plastic capsule has remained sealed, you can take film in and out of the fridge any number of times, although each time there is a tiny risk of condensation. Make sure you wait a few hours before opening the capsule after taking it from the fridge.

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RE: Can I Re-freeze Provia.

Fri Jul 13, 2001 10:11 pm

Fuji Switzerland told me, that there is absolutely no problem to keep the Provia 100F films at room temperature for much a longer time than 1 month. I had a lot of Provia 100F slidefilms on my world trip for 3 1/2 month with me. Before that trip I had these films at home at room temperature for at least an other month. Now I got all my slides back from the lab without any problem. I couldn't realize any differences in colour or grain between the new films I bought during the trip and the older ones. The bigger problem of all kind of films is the variation in temperature (cold and hot). You can also ask the Fuji lab by yourself about this problem. If they tell you something else, please let me know.

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