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Wed Aug 15, 2001 1:22 am

Hi everybody,
All my slide's are to grainy.
I use agfa snapscanE52 scanner , Fuji SensiaII , photoshop 4.0
This is one of the rejected slide's
Can't anybody give my tips for a better scan ?

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Wed Aug 15, 2001 7:44 pm


you don't say what speed Sensia you're using. It does appear from looking at the pic that it was taken on high speed (ISO 400+) film.

However, there is something else that can cause a similar effect: if the original is too dark and has to be brightened or have gamma increased significantly. I'm wondering if maybe that has happened here - looking at dark areas like the engine intake - you can see how the color transition (from dark to light) has become pixellated. So it could be to do with brightness gamma adjustments that have had to be made to get the overall tone of the picture correct.

I would be interested to know how other slides you have scanned compare to this one.


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Wed Aug 15, 2001 8:02 pm

I may be wrong here, but in additon to those things that S4 mentioned, the excessive grain could also be attributed to over-sharpening.
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RE: Who's Help Me

Wed Aug 15, 2001 9:31 pm

I would concur with S4 - looks like a fairly aggressive attack has been made on the tone curve, resulting in "gaps" in tonal range. Also, 5 minutes removing some dirt specs from the sky with a clone tool wouldn't go amiss.

All that aside, I am impressed by the quality of what is, effectively a flatbed scan of a slide - given that the optical resolution is significantly lower than dedicated film scanners and, I assume, the resolution acheived in this image is through scanner interpolation - the result is remarkably good. But perhaps it is the interpolation process which is causing the "grainy" result?


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Thu Aug 16, 2001 6:46 am

Thanks for all answers,
for screener4 fuji sensiaII 100
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Thu Aug 16, 2001 7:55 am

Sensia II is a bit grainy anyways, provia would be a better choice if you want to stay with fuji.

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Thu Aug 16, 2001 11:12 am

I disagree that Sensia II 100 is a grainy film. Sure, Provia is finer, but you shouldn't get excessive grain if using Sensia. Not the ISO 100 stuff, anyway.

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