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Upload Time...

Tue Sep 18, 2001 12:44 am


I there something wrong with the upload process?
(due to hardware problems, US situation,...)
Maybe it's a good idea to sent an email to
the photographers in the future so everybody
know when to have more patient.?
I also am waiting now for 6 weeks but have
still patient...


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RE: Upload Time...

Tue Sep 18, 2001 7:45 am

It depends though. I gotten mine checked from a hour up to one week. It depends on where you live and what time you are on when you're uploading the photos.
Sometimes they have a lot of photos others they have just a few, it depends though.
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RE: Upload Time...

Tue Sep 18, 2001 1:37 pm

Dont worry be patient. My oldest uploads are from the 25th of August

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