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Sony MVC-FD97 Digital Mavica...thoughts?

Thu Sep 27, 2001 12:38 am

Well i might be going to invest in a Digital camera for taking pics.

I have reviewed this camera and found out it has had good reviews, has a 20X zoom, equal to 39-390mm lens! Wow, i only have a -300mm on my SLR right now. Has options for MPEG video, so besides taking shots, i can tape an airplane as well, and put it on CD!

What do you guys think? I think this will work wonders with spotting, as it has a Steady shot stabilization features...sounds nice to me.

www.imaging-resource.com/prods/fd97/f97p.htm , is a place to get alot of info.

What do you guys think of this camera?
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RE: Sony MVC-FD97 Digital Mavica...thoughts?

Thu Sep 27, 2001 5:44 am

There are a few cameras out there with 10x zoom and image-stabilization. I have the Canon Pro90 and I really enjoy it. I hear the Sony is good, as well as the Olympus c-2100UZ. Explore your options, compare features that matter to you, and compare prices. In my opinion, the C-2100UZ is the best bang for buck. But it may not have the features you want. Canon is good, too, but then again, it has its shortcomings too. www.dpreview.com is a good site as well as imaging-resource.com which you mentioned. Good luck!


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