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Fujichrome SensiaII 100?

Thu Oct 25, 2001 7:01 am

Ok so i went to go buy slide film for the first time ever to try it out. Now when i go spotting tomorrow with it, I need advice on how to use it properly.

#1. Since it is 100speed film should i keep the speed on my camera at 100? or what? How do i put the speed? Leave it on Auto?

#2 Exposure? I have no clue.

#3. How do you know what settings to use altogether,and for what situations?

I use a Minolta Maxxumm 430SI. That will be the camera i am shooting with.

Like i said,this is the first time with slide film, so i need all the help i can get.


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RE: Fujichrome SensiaII 100?

Thu Oct 25, 2001 8:22 am

Use the meter on you camera to figure out the correct exposure. I almost always use F8@1/500 sec on sunny days which seems to work well.
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RE: Fujichrome SensiaII 100?

Thu Oct 25, 2001 8:27 am

Isn't the Minolta 430si automatic? If it is, all you have to do is to put the film in and start shooting. It will recognize the film as an ISO 100 and exposure will be set automatically thereafter.

Good luck!



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