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The Best Usual Film

Thu Nov 01, 2001 6:25 am

Hi friends!!!

I guess this is a stupid question, but i am quite new in photography. I own a SLR Yashica 109, what film do you recommend me to use with this camera? Fuji, Kodak,...? I guess it also depends on film sensibility, am i wrong?

Please i refer to common films, not professional (which i guess are very expensive)

Once again, thank you for your help.
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RE: The Best Usual Film

Thu Nov 01, 2001 7:19 am

The film you use depends less on the camera than it does on personal preference.
In that, you'll find debates as heated between Kodak and Fuji as you do between Canon and Nikon in cameras and lenses.

I use Nikon and Minolta cameras, and have switched to use Fuji film exclusively about 10 years ago (after shooting almost only Kodak for a decade before that) because I like the colour ballance better and Fuji has better grain than comparable Kodak film.

Overall, Fuji has more natural colours than does Kodak (sometimes even a little too cold according to some people).
Fuji is (at least here) also marginally cheaper.

I use Sensia 100 slide film, and NPH 400 print. NPH is a professional film, costing about twice as much as Superia 400, which is the consumer equivalent. Personally, I consider it money well spent. While Superia is an excellent film, NPH is far better in colour rendition as well as grain.
I have yet to try Provia professional slide film, which (at least here) costs 4 times as much as Sensia and therefore too much for my taste.

You'll also want an excellent lab to process the film. Cheap labs give poor quality prints, and you have a more than fair chance you'll get your slides (if they do those at all) and negatives back damaged (ranging from deep scratches to chemical damage and negatives that are cut in half, I've seen it all before switching to a pro lab charging twice as much).
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