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Well I'm Off To DFW...

Tue Nov 20, 2001 9:15 pm

i'll see you guys when i get back...i'm off to DFW for the thanksgiving holidays...wednesday i have a ramp tour set up with airport operations...i HOPE this is still going to happen...we'll see..i'll find out tonight when I get there...it's too bad that there are hardly any international airlines left now, after Sabena, JAL, and Korean all left (KAL to start Dec. with 777s i've heard).. .oh well..perhaps i'll get some good shots of British and Lufthansa...anyhow, i'm flying TRI-CVG-DFW (CRJ, 738) DFW-CVG-TRI (757, CRJ)...i will get lots of shots...i'm hoping for a sunset on the way into CVG tonight... Smile/happy/getting dizzy

for you all:
have a nice, safe, happy thanksgiving! have a good one guys, don't eat too much turkey!

take care!  Big thumbs up

jonathan derden
"my soul is in the sky" - shakespeare

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