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Found A Picture Of KLM's 747 PH-BUF

Tue Nov 27, 2001 4:56 am

Hi there,

Although this an old subject, and I myself have placed a request for a picture of this aircraft in the past, I have some news here;

When I was looking in a photo-album of my parents of a trip they made to Kenya in 1978, I made a strange discovery...my mother had used some parts in the book of wat must have been a Schiphol or old KLM magazine. On this particular picture you see an arial view of a Schiphol building somewhere in the 1970's. At the gates are a DC-10, DC-8's and 2 Boeing 747's in the old white-top livery. As the picture is taken from the air, you can read the registration on the wings, and on one of the 747's, you can read "PH-BUF" the aircraft is being turned-round, and carries the old white-top KLM-livery, inidicating the pic must have been taken around 1975 or so, because PH-BUF was carrying the new bluetop livery at the time of the Tenerife accident in 1977.

Unfortunately I can't upload this pic, but I photocopied it, had it enlarged and scanned it, so if you're interested I might be able to send it to you by mail (jpeg, 650 kb or so).

RA-85154 / Martijn v.d. Broek, The Netherlands

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