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Different Categories, Different Folks?

Tue Jan 15, 2002 1:21 pm

I'm just curious, several weeks ago, I submitted two photos. A 737 almost directly overhead, and a brand new Cessna 172R on the ground at a small airstrip. I noticed that there were about 500 photographers in the forum in front of me. Three days later, I uploaded a picture of a bell 212 helicopter. Within two days, the 212 was added to the database, and the two airplanes were still stuck on the back burner. It took a full month for them to get rejected (don't worry, I'm not here to start a "Why did these get rejected?" thread) I could personally care less whether or not they get accepted, I do this as a hobby, and occasionally I want to share some. No skin off my back, but I digress...

Back to my question, do different screeners get different categories? Or do the different categories get treated differently?

RE: Different Categories, Different Folks?

Tue Jan 15, 2002 3:12 pm

In a word, no.


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