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Spotter Friendly IAH: Details Please!

Wed Feb 06, 2002 5:04 am

Been reading all the posts about how IAH is very friendly for photogs. Can someone please give details? If I were to visit for say, 6-8hrs without a car, where are the best spots and parking garages? What, besides CO, could I expect to see(any An-124s?), and how often does the NYC 2000 777 visit? Any info before Sunday would be of great help!
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RE: Spotter Friendly IAH: Details Please!

Wed Feb 06, 2002 5:29 am

You should see most if not all of the major U.S. airlines plus a few smaller ones. Obviously, Continental is the most common. I'm not sure about that NYC2K 777, but I've seen it there many times. IMHO, it is still UGLY!

As for international carriers last time I was there,

KLM: 747-400C
BA: I think its only a 777-200 right now. Was a 747-400.
Lufthansa: A340-300, not sure of it’s a -200 or -300.
Air France: A340-300
Also several Central American carriers, and Cayman & Air Jamaica.

I'm sure Thomasphoto60 can give you more information since he lives in Houston and is there far more than I am.
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