LGW's Daylight Raid Over The Border

Tue Mar 05, 2002 9:40 am

Unknown to me at the time, I shot this easyJet B737 arriving at EDI: March 2nd 2002 (Saturday) at 13:36.

Sitting on the starboard side was an photographer and forum regular making a daylight raid into Caledonia.

I sussed him out after I checked his latest uploads on a rival website and realised he flew up to EDI on 'Big@Gatwick' those titles are on the port side of this aircraft.

Will the real LGW please stand up!

(Guess where he is sitting... you may have to find his shot in the rival website to confirm your answer.)

BTW. Do you think this shot will be accepted?
It was a bit dull when he landed, but it got sunnier about half an hour later, honest!




RE: LGW's Daylight Raid Over The Border

Tue Mar 05, 2002 9:58 am

Forgot to add....the B737 is G-EZJD and the fact that this young man got his EDI pictures accepted into the rival website on Sunday 3rd March is in no way a swipe at  Smile/happy/getting dizzy  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

Actually, his shots are very good and I'm sure that once he has submitted them in here too (I presume so) you'll agree they deserve to be part of his portfolio.

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RE: LGW's Daylight Raid Over The Border

Tue Mar 05, 2002 4:07 pm

I will be uploading some of my EDI shots to soon. I have 90 photogs in front of me at the moment so when all my shots have been screened for the final time I will upload some EDI/In flight shots

Really nice flight up over london and the snow capped mountains of Scotland (my 1st ever visit to scotland)

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Great "easyJet" Shot Gerry...

Wed Mar 06, 2002 11:40 am

Nice shot - no doubt it will be added to this site even though you "plugged a rival site" ha ha (laughter)

One thing though - to make this compelete - it would be great if LGW had taken a pic out of the window of the crazy EDI spotters capturing the image of this "easyJet"-

Hope to see that image soon...

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