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How Is Lax?

Wed Mar 27, 2002 12:08 pm

I will be in LA from the 3rd to the 6th and was wondering how spotting is right now at LAX? Most specifically, the DHL cargo lot along 25L and the lot by the Imperial terminal. Are ladders being tolerated yet or would it be best just to stick to Imperial Hill?

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RE: How Is Lax?

Wed Mar 27, 2002 4:24 pm

It should be fine, no ladders tho.

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RE: How Is Lax?

Wed Mar 27, 2002 4:48 pm

Haven't heard anything recent about DHL, but last I heard it was a problem area. Before 9/11 I was told by other spotters it's only good on weekends; during the week DHL employees actually need the lot.

I was at the Northwest Cargo lot for a couple hours last Friday, no problems. You don't need a ladder there to shoot approach shots if your timing is right, and try standing towards the middle of the lot rather than close to the fence.

I did pull my ladder out to shoot a Southern Air Cargo 747 as it taxied onto 25L, no problems but I put it back in my car's trunk as soon as I was done.

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