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Help Please! End Of Tether Approaching At Speed

Fri Jun 28, 2002 11:48 pm

Been having probems getting shots accepted using my new camera (Fuji6900), which i agree with most prblems due to quality of photo's. Spoke to a couple of helpfull chaps who advised to to change the settings from 1M to 3M pixels ?????, anyway found where i had to do this on the camera, sped down to Manchester last night whilst the sun was out.......snap snap, upload upload, then this..........


"Too much JPEG compression. If your photo is wider than 1024
pixels or higher than 768 pixels it will be downsized and
that might lower the picture quality. Keep the width on
exactly 1024 and save with minimum JPEG compression and the
quality will be at it's best. Do not worry about long download
times for low compression files, our scripts will automatically
optimize compression without loss in picture quality. Always
save your photos with the lowest possible compression. As a
general reference, the size of a JPEG file without any
compression, of 1024 pixels by 700, will be somewhere in the
range of 400-700 KB, depending on the composition and color"

Could someone tell me what i am doing wrong????????please!!



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RE: Help Please! End Of Tether Approaching At Speed

Sat Jun 29, 2002 12:49 am


Can you post a link to the rejected photo please - it really isn't possible to come to any conclusion without seeing the image concerned.

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RE: Help Please! End Of Tether Approaching At Speed

Sat Jun 29, 2002 12:58 am


save your photos at 1600x1200, or (when you're using XP) resize them. 3 Mil. Pixels would be fine shooting airplanes. Yes, post a link to the rejected photos.

best regards, markus
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RE: Help Please! End Of Tether Approaching At Speed

Sat Jun 29, 2002 3:54 am

Hi Bigbob,

I have the same camera and so far I have had 4 out of 7 photo's accepted with this camera. The ones that were rejected were more my fault rather than the camera's. The ones rejected; one was of a close up tail shot which was taken in poor weather (tail & sky almost blended), the other for not being horizontal, and the 3rd for poor quality as you have had. I took a photo of an AN-124 on the 1m pixel setting.
As you have been advised, put the camera on the 3m pixel "fine" setting as well as the "auto" or the "S" mode. If using the "S" mode try and adjust the shutter speed to 500 p/s or higher depending on the available light. Any less than that you may get some camera shake (I do at my age).
Practice on some static shots 1st before trying approach shots. Unfortunately this camera has a shutter delay and most of my approach shots end up with the nose or tail missing.
Import the photo into adobe photodeluxe 4 (software came with my camera). Click on "instant fix" and then unsharp mask (about 25-50%). Go to size/photosize and adjust width to 1024 pixels wide.
Go to file/export/fileformat and save as .JPEG. When the .JPEG Options box comes up make sure it is set to level 10, and that's it.

If you go to the search on the main page and type in my name (John Kelly), the ones in 2002 were taken with this camera.
As with any new camera, expect many trials and errors at first. But as I have said above, you will eventually get pictures accepted here with this camera.


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