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Larnaca Decent/Approach

Tue Jul 02, 2002 10:14 am

Having done a jumpseat landing into Larnaca back in September 2001 i was wondering if anyone has any pics of the decent/approach into the aiport.
I got into the jumpseat in decent towards Malaga at around FL180, we were heading right for the airport on the GPS, due to it being dark the scenery was bright and outstanding. We went to FL060 (6,000ft) and levelled off and continued to head for the airport, the Captain then took it down to 3,000ft and we passed over the airport dropping down to 1,600ft and we began the left turn in the bay i believe at 1,000ft, i could see boats all lit up, it was amazing. The approach was great, the auto approach failed (or something like that) and the Captain had to take control of the plane....
Quite interesting, the Captain was well high on approach and i was quite shocked when he suddenly said 'wow, too high ... let's get down' and he pushed forward on the stick .. the f/o proceeded to talk to me throughout all this  Laugh out loud
So, does anyone have pics of all this? night or day? i would be fascinated to take a look....even if the pics are taking out of the passenger window ....
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