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Spotting Place In Crete?

Sun Jul 21, 2002 6:49 pm

Hi everybody,
I'm going to Crete this august, and I was wondering if somebody know a great spotting place there, on a hill, mountain, ect. I know there are two big airports, anyway, if somebody could give me some tips I would be very happy.
Oh yeah, before the aircrafts-landing, what route are they flying? (over special city, beach, ect?) thanks for you help, best regards Markus  Smile/happy/getting dizzy  Smile
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RE: Spotting Place In Crete?

Sun Jul 21, 2002 8:11 pm

Both big airports (Chania and Iraklion) are also used by the Hellenic Air Force and the Greek are very strict rules disallowing photography at most civil airports also used by the military. So there's quite a big chance of you getting arrested for spotting, but, your Ministry of Foreign Affairs will probably get you back home in case you get arrestedm that's at least what the British did to get their citizens who got arrested for spying (they were spotting at an airbase though) back home.

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RE: Spotting Place In Crete?

Mon Jul 22, 2002 2:04 am

They're very clear about no pictures when you're on approach and in the terminal. Lots of military around. There are some beaches away from the airport but you'll need strong binocs.

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