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Photography Handbooks

Thu Jul 25, 2002 10:16 pm

After several years of being out of the hobby, I'm just now starting to come back to it and have forgotten a lot of what I used to know

It's nearly been 10 years since I've used more than a point and click so the "fundamentals" are quite a bit rusty, so I'm looking for a guide/hand/textbook that covers the fundamentals of photography...maybe not as they apply to aviation photography (except that's what I eventually plan on using it for) but just some of the basics like f-stop, focal length, depth of field, etc... (BTW, I'm starting with the camera manual...if I can find it)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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RE: Photography Handbooks

Thu Jul 25, 2002 10:26 pm

I wish I were flying

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