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Have Some Pictures To Send

Fri Aug 02, 2002 7:02 am

Okay, here's the deal I went to Eilat, Israel last week (took many photographs as my hotel room was at a good spot) and took many pictures of Arkia and Israir planes landing. My scanner is broken and I don't want to leave them just hanging around. If anyone would like them, I would gladly send them through regular mail.

Email me or leave me a message here and we'll be in touch.
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RE: Have Some Pictures To Send

Fri Aug 02, 2002 10:33 pm

Hi Ben,

if your pics are not on slides I can try to help you. I have a Canon 2400 dpi scanner (only for prints). I can send you the scans via email and you can use photoshop etc. for preprocessing...

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