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Document Every A/c?

Mon Aug 05, 2002 12:55 pm

Over the weekend I spent a couple of hours shooting California Dept of Forestry S-2's that were helping to fight a rather HUGE brushfire in our local mountains. There were 9 different S-2's in and out and I got good photos of each of them. Do I upload all 9 of them, even though they are essentially the same except for reg #'s and tail codes? Or does one shot of each of the 2 types (one radial engine, the other turbine) suffice?


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RE: Document Every A/c?

Mon Aug 05, 2002 1:08 pm

If you're inclined to submit them rather than simply the best one or two you got of the type..depends on how you feel about that....., to answer your question, A.net will take note that each is a different Reg#, and if the quality is deemed sufficient, I believe they'll be happy to add at least one of each.

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RE: Document Every A/c?

Mon Aug 05, 2002 5:24 pm


The one you have on the site already was a great picture.

You can put up very single one as far as I'm concerned - I'd be very happy to see them.

On a more serious note, I know our esteemed admin values pictures of each and every registration, so I think that clearly indicates the general thinking.

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RE: Document Every A/c?

Tue Aug 06, 2002 12:00 am

Thanks for the input...

Andy- You would have been in heaven listening to that big DC-4 crank up...Lots of blue smoke and thunder. Watching her roll down the runway... Ahhhhh....REAL airplanes have radials!  Smile

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