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Digital Cameras Under $500

Wed Sep 25, 2002 9:29 pm

I was wondering what you guys would recommend for a digital camera that had a price tag at or below $500. The current digital camera I have now is a Sony Cybershot and I usually don't get good enough quality for my pictures to be accepted here. I really want them to be. I am willing to listen to all of your suggestions, as I am not to knowledgeable in this situation. I want a digital camera that's main feature is QUALITY of image!

Also, if you have any tips on getting better quality shots with the Cybershot, let me know as well.

Thanks in advance,
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RE: Digital Cameras Under $500

Wed Sep 25, 2002 9:42 pm

Hello Drew, I'm using a Sony Cybershot as my second digital camera my own, the first images accepted at airliners have been made with this digicam, and the quality is excellent! Just search under "Markus Wechselberger". All pics till the amazing flight to Crete are made by this one.
Try to use the highest size to use all Megapixels. I've any further questions, don't hesistate contacting me (check my profil) since then "clear sky" and best regards Markus  Big thumbs up
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RE: Digital Cameras Under $500

Sun Sep 29, 2002 1:36 am

I am also searching for a good digi around $500. I am looking hard at the Olympus C-4000. Its $473. It has 4mp so the quality should be good. I am also thinking about the Sony DSC-S85. Its $568 but I would not need to buy any memory sticks as my dad has plenty of them. (He has a Sony Camcorder thats uses the memory stick. Also check out the Minolta Dimage S404. All of these cameras have 4mp for around $500.

I got the prices from www.bestbuy.com

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RE: Digital Cameras Under $500

Sun Sep 29, 2002 12:44 pm


You might look to find a good used F707, I just bought a July manufactured
one, no DLS and taken less than 900 shots for $625 including a skylight
filter and extra 64mb memory stick.

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