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What To Do About Badpeople?

Sun Dec 08, 2002 4:20 pm

I had a shot rejected for badpeople and I knew it would probably happen, and frankly I can't argue with it.

But I want to know what to do about the person in my shot. Is it acceptable to blur out his face? I just did that and reuploaded the shot.

If a screener would like to look at the shot in the queue, it's named "spdDSC04259.jpg"


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RE: What To Do About Badpeople?

Sun Dec 08, 2002 4:36 pm

Nope no blurring is permissable.

sometimes you just have to wait for an aweful long time to get a shot. I waited for about 20 minutes at Adelaide once for the crowd to move from in fromnt of a Mirage. Even just sat on the Tarmac and waited for them to disperse. Got close about 5 times but always one straggler walked slow enough to give another time to walk into view  Smile/happy/getting dizzy
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RE: What To Do About Badpeople?

Sun Dec 08, 2002 9:33 pm

Badpeople? Stop taking pictures of Iraqi Airlines planes with Saddam in the background.
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RE: What To Do About Badpeople?

Sun Dec 08, 2002 11:25 pm


I quite agree that you have to be patient. Sometimes, a human being may enhance the picture. Is the policy just designed to promote better pictures, or is there a degree of legal protection here too?

I've seen some real vintage shots (taken before even I was born) that feature people. Is this because of the rarity value or the likelihood that they're probably no longer with us I wonder.

Just been looking at a slide of an Ansett 727 (at Perth??) from 1969 taken by my dad, but I think the people are too distant, hopefully....


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