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Dominican Republic Spotting?

Sun Dec 29, 2002 3:17 am

I'll be heading down there to get a break from Canada for a week in January and I'll be 15 minutes from LaRomana airport, which is also where I will be flying in and out from. Does anyone know if it would be worth my while to try spotting while there? IE: Are the locals OK with people hanging around airports with cameras and if so are there any good spots? Any input/opinions appreciated.
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RE: Dominican Republic Spotting?

Sun Dec 29, 2002 11:51 am

Hi Ed,

Please take a look into this spotting report:


I visited the Republic almost three years ago, didn't went to la Romana, but to SDQ, POP und PUJ, which were the best.
Lots of photos to be seen on the link above.

Hope it helps.


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