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Fuji S602 ISO/Shutter Speed?

Sun Feb 09, 2003 7:01 am

 Smile Hi everyone!  Smile

I've been taking some shots with my digital camera, and today I printed a picture out and it was superb!
I am very pleased with it.
In the February half term (depending on the weather) I am going to LHR! Big grin But I have something to ask, when I shoot a picture of my rabbit for example, as he is running all over the garden, I try to take a picture. When I look at it, the whole thing is totally blurred. I then thought about taking pictures of aircraft zooming down the runway at 150k+ and wondered if those pictures would come out blurred aswell.

I've been reading posts about ISO settings and shutter speeds (are ISO and shutter speed the same thing?)

Well, I tried it again with ISO 100 and the subject of my picture never came out! It was nearly pitch black! Obviously I have the shutter speed too fast right?

Thanks for any help.

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RE: Fuji S602 ISO/Shutter Speed?

Sun Feb 09, 2003 9:11 am

There are three things here that are all related.

ISO - the sensitivity of the CCD to light
The lower the number you use, the more light you need, but the better the quality is.

Shutter - how long the shutter is open to let light in
Slower speeds lets the light in for longer = more light.

Aperture - how wide the lens opens
Smaller number = wider 'hole' = more light let in.

Try using an auto exposure mode (P mode is best) and looking how shutter and aperture are related and what sort of numbers you get. For a given exposure reading, if you increase the shutter speed, you will have to open the aperture up to compensate (or alternatively increase the ISO value, but that would decrease quality).

If you are using a fast shutter and low ISO in dull conditions, it is possible that you are not getting enough light in, hence the dark pictures.


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RE: Fuji S602 ISO/Shutter Speed?

Mon Feb 10, 2003 2:06 am

I think I've figured it out. I took a picture with ISO of 100 and the picture came out really sharp even though the subject of the picture was running!


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