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A Request For The Appeal Page

Mon Jun 23, 2003 11:14 am

very simple, actually. On the appeal/reject page where it has the boxes for your picture just as if it was in the database, and it has all the fields, except one. the c/n field. Can this be included in the appeal page info along with the photo?

Reason: When I go to re-submit a rejected (and fixed) shot I use the appeal page to copy the info onto the upload page. The c/n isnt there so it means I would have to go and look up the c/n again, so I dont and leave it blank. If it was there I could include the c/n when I re-submit a picture.

Also, is the c/n field going to appear on the "correction" page so that I can input c/n's for pics already on the db?

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