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Personal Rejections

Sat Jul 12, 2003 11:52 am

Hi all, haven't posted for ages but....

Every time I go to the forum, there is always a topic relating to Anet rejections. Majority of the posts are directed to Screeners on a personal basis. This really ticks me off.

I have one shot on Anet and it took some time before I had one of my pics on the database. It doesn't even have a a/c in it.

I still take pics (slides and negs) as I enjoy the hobby. My 'database' (my photobooks that is and framed pics) is over 600 now. However the point I want to make is that the majority of my early pics would be rejected by my standards now. I can actually see how much I have improved over time. (Or how bad my pics were before). I reject the majority of my pics from making it on my own database thesedays.

All in all I am happy with what I produce and enjoy them (and with friends too). If I get some time, and a scanner, I might submit some pics. If any get accepted I most probablywill gauge that as a measure of improvement.

There is a lot of good information and advice relating to photography, lets keep it that and not post on a personal basis.

Keep up all the good advice and comments people.

That means all Anet and its members.

There, I have put my 2 cents in.

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RE: Personal Rejections

Tue Jul 15, 2003 4:09 am

I totally agree with you.

Before sending my stuff I 'screen' it myself.
I've been uploading for almost a year now and looking at my early shots makes me laugh (and cry, unfortunately).

there goes my one cent...

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RE: Personal Rejections

Tue Jul 15, 2003 7:39 pm

Thanks Alphasierra and Codeshare, a good 3 cents worth.

Its nice to hear some people do a bit of self screening to get some improvements in there work and hobby. It is a good way of improving technique and getting the satisfaction of acheiving a better result when others show interest and appreciate your improved work.  Smile/happy/getting dizzy


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